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There’s something dangerous about a person’s liberal use of the word “someday.” As Tom Cruise said in ‘Knight And Day’…

Occassionally, when I’m talking to friends or colleagues, the conversation will go from a happy-go-lucky setting to deeper, more serious territory. Most of the time, this means we’ll start talking about the “big things” that we want to do. The things that we will accomplish with our lives. But they always seem to be suffixed with the old cliche’s of “someday when we get all our ducks in a row”, or ” someday when things settle down”, or (my favourite) “someday when I get a bit more spare time”.

A little later on, someone will remark that they had dreams of being a teacher, or travelling the world, or writing the next Harry Potter phenomenon. The thing is that the more I listen to their grand plans and hopes for eternal glory, the more worried I get about their use of the word “someday”. But, since myself and the people in my circle are constantly talking about these goals and thereby keeping the ideas fresh and relevant, the use of “someday” is harmless…isn’t it?

There’s no danger in dreaming. It’s the hopes pursued without a plan that is a lot less innocent. Would you hope to win the lottery without buying a ticket? Would you hope to become a renowned chef without cooking any meals? Why on Earth would you try to achieve a dream without having a plan and actively working towards your goal?

This sounds simple enough, but I see people time and time again who dream without action. In almost all cases, these types of people lose out on their dreams because of the active choice to pick procrastination over the meager action of hard work.

It’s not even just the act of procrastination that is dangerous, but the potential loss of important experiences as well. If you are too busy worrying about only dreaming about a goal, then you lose any sort of edge in achieving the goal.

Without the drive to go above and beyond expectations, you might get lost in the sea of people who have the same dreams as you. Or worse, you may not be able to even get your feet off the ground. You’ll be stuck, and there’s nothing worse than standing still.

So that’s why I’m now putting it out there. I’ve begun to compile content and implement an action plan to launch a podcast based on my Instagram. It is going to be an interview style podcast with designers, architects, homewares store owners and other professionals in the design field, to sit down and discover what’s inside their designer minds.

So there it is. The next phase. The grand plan. The big idea. There’s not going to be a “someday” attached to it. It’s happening now. Steps are being taken. It’s coming together. So stay tuned and keep your ears open!

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