that’s a wrap Melbourne!

Tonight is my last night in Melbourne. And there’s nothing quite like that feeling of going home. The euphoria of packing the bag, making sure that everything has been accounted for, that the gifts bought for family are wrapped amongst the unworn items of clothing. And the thought of being met at the airport when my flight lands to the smiles and embraces of wife and kids. I love going home. It’s where my heart will always be.

Don’t get me wrong though, Melbourne is a fine city. It’s got that mix of old and new with a sprinkling of grunge that only cities have. You know what I mean…that surface scum that accumulates over time and gives a unique patina to a place. Sometimes though, you just want to take a high pressure cleaner and wash it all down to reveal “the diamond beneath the coal dust”.

It’s an interesting city also in terms of its inhabitants. Nothing against Melburnians but (and this is solely from my humble observations), I’ve never come across a city that is so adept at forming a queue! If there’s a line to be formed anywhere in the city, you can bet that it is going to be made quickly and effortlessly as if it’s the result of years of intense training and practice. 

I did a lot of people watching while I was here. Some walked with purpose of step, others that casual stroll of a person unhurried by time. Each one though was a unique component to that tapestry that makes up city life.

The three day trip was a mix of business and pleasure for me…business in that I was attending an amazing trade show called Decor + Design, but pleasure in that I got the opportunity to meet up with people that I had only ever interacted with via Instagram. 

The highlight though was a meet and greet with the amazingly talented Martyn Lawrence Bullard. As a designer to the stars and the super-wealthy, Martyn’s keynote speech was inspiring and captivating and although it barely scratched the surface of his incredible design talents, it both mesmerized and inspired me with my own design skills. I was so humbled when speaking with him later that he held my Instagram account in such high regard as a source of his own daily inspiration. Martyn has a real genuineness to his ‘larger than life’ personality, and I can only imagine sharing further time with him and hearing more of his incredible life.

Melbourne is a city I can have in small doses. I couldn’t live here. I wouldn’t want to live here. It’s not for me. It’s a city for those that enjoy the atmosphere and the lifestyle. For me, I’ll take the beach any day.

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